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Island Image designs allow YOU to make it happen for your trip, destination, or event.
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New Sea Dragon is a great companion to our Seahorse design.
Our popular Rays on the Dive Flag can be personalized for your trip,  your business.

How did Island Image come to be? 

Living in beautiful Key west, we are oriented towards the vibrant color of the sea, nature and the flora of our unique island.   The island is a natural draw for artists, divers and boaters.    And that's just what we are. We gravitated here after successful careers in the business sector in other cities, and have been true island natives for over 24 years now. 

How did we end up in garment printing?  As artists/graphic designers and marketing consultants, we helped many local clients to market their business and to put their names out in the public appropriately.  We often needed shirts for our customers, as well as other printed matter such as business cards and brochures.  We just weren't finding the quality and detail that we wanted for our clients when it came to garment printing so one day said "We believe we can do this better!"  Island Image was born.

Our Image: 

We look at our business a bit differently than many others. 
We don't live for the 'next big deal'.  We are small-business, small-order specialists.  While we most certainly handle numerous very large orders, we cater to the small business owner.   Call us Tues - Sat, 9AM - 5 PM Eastern, 305.295.8061

Island Image is committed to providing what is missing in business today:

  • Clear, Concise, Prompt Communication:   The inability to reach a clearly-communicating human being is one of the most frustrating problems in business today.  Island Image makes every effort to be available for you by phone during our normal business hours.  If we're with other customers or temporarily unavailable, we will always call back as soon as we're available. We're available via email most all the time, and we reply to emails promptly during our business hours and often, outside those hours. 
  • Customer Service: We don't think business should be that complicated and feel the simple things are the basis for success.  We are committed to going the extra mile when it comes to customer service, quality and value. 
  • Personal Responsibility:  We are committed to personal responsibility and we hope our customers are as well.  It is time that individuals and businesses begin to take responsibility for their own actions
  • Community Responsibility:  We are committed to simply doing the right thing - for the community, for our customers and clients, and for the earth.
  • Respect:  It is important that we respect each other, the animals, the environment and the planet. This translates to every phase of one's life and should be included in every business transaction. 
  • Quality and Value:  Island Image has invested in the most up-to-date technology so that we can give our customers the quality and detail they desire in printed garments.  We also are committed to serving the small business and individual customer, providing products and service that they are not able to generally obtain without high minimums and costly setup fees.  
  • Experience: With over 40 years combined experience in all phases of the dive industry as well as the boating and yachting industry, it was only natural that we gravitated towards designs for those segments of the business population. We also have extensive marketing, consulting and sales experience so as a small business, we're committed to the success of our small business clients.
Please feel free to call us anytime at 305.295.8061 or email us to discuss your business, your business needs and ask us how we can help you to market your business.   (Please note we are closed for 10 days for vacation every September and for 7 days for in October.)

**All of our artwork is copyrighted and the sole property of Island Image. Reproduction is expressly prohibited. We aggressively pursue those who engage in theft of our artwork and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. **