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Island Image designs allow YOU to make it happen for your trip, destination, or event.
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We have many programs for embroidery but our featured program with caps in 32 colors includes FREE digitizing.  Thus, there is no setup - but there ARE minimums.  Mix & Match.
Soft Look translates well to any garment.

Our partner company, Yachting Style,  can be YOUR source for boating and yachting garments!  Offering the same  NO MINIMUM, NO SETUP print program as for our dive tees, it is easy for you to wear YOUR boat for all to see.  Whether she's your 18' baby or a 190' beauty, we can help you design and produce exactly what you imagine for your personal boat or for your marine-based business.

You'll note we don't have boating tees or caps in our web-store.  This is because they are all custom from start to finish, all are done just for you and each will be different and special. There are hundreds of choices and it's impossible to show them all, so just tell us what you want and we will find it. 
Please feel free to call us using this number: 305.295.8061 to find out the process.  We do all we can to make it simple! 

You can see above and to the right, that we have many styles and are free to follow YOUR ideas.  Many of our customers have come back to us over and over when they buy new boats and need new designs (See Somewhere In Time above).

For us to produce new artwork for you, essentially, we need a photo of your boat, water level, at 90 degrees towards midships.  OR we can work from a tech drawing and in a few cases, we've worked from a photo of an old t-shirt.  We'd also need either a photo of the stern / transom art or the artwork file for the front left. Remember, the resulting artwork will only be as good as the photo you submit, so please be sure the photo is clear and shows the detail that you wish to be in the design. (Please be sure to read the bottom of the FAQ section entitled 'Reiteration of Artwork Policy'
on artwork here:  Artwork details ) Then we start on your new artwork in the style of your choice - line-drawing, tech or artistic / painterly.  Remember, artwork charges will apply for new artwork that we produce for you.  There are no artwork charges if you provide proper artwork that meets print specifications.

We work with you every step of the way, sending you proofs for your changes and alterations prior to printing.  Once it's good for you, then we begin the print process.

See the latest newsletter for Yachting Style here:
  • Your boating and yachting shirts can feature any number of artistic styles. Our staff artists can bring your ideas to life.  Call us at 305.295.8061 or you can email, so we can show you how easy it is to have your own beautiful yachting, boating and crew tees. 
  • Your boat t-shirts are great gifts for friends, family and business associates and make excellent door prize items for fundraisers and special events.  Your yacht crew will have a sharp, coordinated look with crew shirts featuring your design. 
  • Bring us your design or choose to have a new custom design drawn just for your boat. 
  • You're not limited to t-shirts, either!  New performance tees for sun protection and with wicking properties keep you cool in the sun. *Polos, tanks, ladies wear, sweatshirts and more are available as well. While we are primarily a printer, we can offer embroidery for our print customers as a special service. Minimums DO APPLY on embroidered items.
  • *Caps are available as well in a special program featuring 32 colors, embroidered with your boat name or logo. We work from your artwork (provided by you or drawn by us with your shirt art.)  The special embroidery program for these caps has no setup fees, but there are minimums   Other programs are available as well.
  • State-of-the-art print technology gives you bright, long-lasting colors and an ultra-soft feel.  Embroidery is also available for hats, visors, jackets, or polos for our print customers.  Remember, we are primarily a print company but we can provide embroidery for our print customers - and there ARE ALWAYS MINIMUMS on embroidered items.
  • Featured:  14 business-day +/- turnaround on most all print orders, with expedited service available should you have an emergency or a short deadline.  Orders with new artwork produced by our artists may take longer. Deadlines on embroidery may vary.  (Please note we may be closed for 10 days for vacation every September and for 7 days for DEMA every November.)
Our friendly, personal service will make your boating or yachting garment project a breeze.  We have hundreds of fishing, diving, marina and boating business clients to whom we're very loyal. 


     Custom Fishing Tees
:   Love fishing?  Ask us about fabulous fishing designs just for you! 

**All of our artwork is copyrighted and the sole property of Island Image. Reproduction is expressly prohibited. We  aggressively pursue those who engage in theft of our artwork and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. **

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