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Below are answers to frequently asked questions. If the answer to your question isn't shown below, please email us or call us.    We'll be happy to help you.   305.295.8061






Cancellation policy: See bottom of page and 'How Do I place and Order'


How do I place an order?

We offer (3) ways to place an order. You can place an order by phone, via this website in the web store (under Print On Demand / order on the pull down menu above), or by fax.  If you phone or fax us, we will complete the order form and fax or email to you for your signature. We require all orders to be signed, just so both you and we can be assured that we're all on the 'same page'.  Please be aware though, that if you order on the website, your order will be processed far more quickly since the website orders are handled on a priority basis. Website orders are generally a 7 - 10 day business day turnaround except when we close for 10 days for vacation in September or for the week of DEMA in November. If you order via phone or fax, your order will be placed in our normal 14 business day print queue.  Our normal turnaround is + / - 14 business days, unless you opt to pay an expedite fee for earlier shipment.

There is essentially NO ability to cancel an order once placed.   Since every order is custom and printed for you, and since base product is PURCHASED BY US  when you place the order, from the point you place the order and give us YOUR credit card for payment, the order may not be cancelled.  

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How do I pay for my order?

The easiest way to order is via our web store (under Print On Demand / Order on the menu.)  If you use the web store, you complete the form with your credit card number and no further signatures are required. Payments can be made in the form of credit card (Visa, Master Card, Discover).  You can phone, fax, or e-mail your credit card information to us as well but we do require a signature on the credit card portion of the order form.  If you are a repeat customer, we can always at your request, have you sign an account agreement whereas we will always automatically charge the card you designate for anything that you order.  

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Do I get to see a "sample" before you print my order?

We DO NOT DO ARTWORK ON SPEC. However, we can send you a proof by request only.  You have two options with Print On Demand.  You can always go with our standard approval process:  after you place your order and request a proof, you will receive an e-mail embedding  the art work file to be printed. This is to assure that the file you send us is looking the same way to us as it does on your computer.  You then have the opportunity to approve or disapprove with changes, your proposed artwork. Production does not begin on your order until we receive an approval of your artwork.  You approve by simply returning the email to us intact, and stating that you approve it.

A unique option is that you can receive an actual printed shirt as your proof for the price of the item plus shipping, with no minimum requirements and no setup fees. 

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How long does it take to receive my order?

It depends on what you are ordering. The typical production time for most in stock Print On Demand items ordered via our website order form is 14 business days or less, depending on the item. Standard adult tees are kept in stock and will often ship sooner. Many items, however, are not kept in stock and even then, we are usually able to ship within 14 business days.  Occasionally we will experience an out-of-stock issue and we'll notify you if this occurs.  The above production time doesn't include shipping time, which is determined by your location. We offer expedited service on many items with an expedite fee, please e-mail or call us for availability of this service.  If you order via phone, then your order will still fit into our 14 business day +/- production schedule unless you request expedited service.

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Will I receive a confirmation after I place my order?

From our web store, you will receive an automated confirmation.  Should you order via phone, we will send you an order form to sign via fax to sign and return to us before your order can be finalized.  Then your signed order form is your confirmation.  You may fax it to us at 305.293.0920 or you may scan and send as an email attachment (.jpg or.pdf preferred)

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Will I be notified after my order has shipped?

On all custom garment orders, you will receive an e-mail notification with the tracking number and details of your shipment from FedEx ground, if you have provided us with an email address for this purpose. Web orders are generally produced in 7 - 10 business days from the date of the order, depending on whether the base garment is in stock or not.  Please be aware we are closed for 10 days in September for vacation every year, and for 7 days in November for DEMA every year.

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Do you accept overseas orders?

Overseas orders may be accepted only if they are to be shipped to a freight forwarder in the US or to a valid APO address. 

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What kind of artwork files do you accept?

We accept many types of art files.  If the file is bitmap/raster, we require a full-size, high resolution graphic in .tiff, .pdf or psd format, and BUILT at a minimum of 300 dpi. and BUILT in the correct size that you wish to be printed.  If vector, we prefer either.eps format, compatible with Adobe Illustrator CS3 for PC. We request that the graphic you submit be on a transparent back ground for the most crisp and concise results.   Please be sure that all art IS compatible with PC format and for Print On Demand services only, it should be RGB.  We can do your graphic as well, at a rate of $100 per hour with a one hour minimum,
IF IT ACCOMPANIES A PRINT ORDER. The price is the same for graphic art services to adjust your artwork, if your artwork is not in the correct format   Artwork alone is $200 per hour.  There are no exceptions to this policy.  If artwork to be submitted requires revision, it will save time and money if the files are submitted with original layers and not flattened nor ‘merged down’.  If file is too big to send with email, you may send to us  for free to our email address:, via

Please note:  If you are providing your own artwork or that of another, you WILL BE REQUIRED to execute our Reproduction Print Contract, which we will forward to you in MS Word format via email attachment.   You will need to print this out, complete with file names exactly as you send them to us, and execute, then fax back to us at 305.293.0920.  The purpose of this form is two-fold:  First, it tells us that you own the artwork and have the right to reproduce it, or you have permission from the owner / originator of the artwork to reproduce it.  Secondly, it assures you that we will not reproduce your artwork for anyone else.  

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How do I get my artwork to you?

There are several ways to send artwork to us. (1). You can email your art to us (please keep the file size under 10 meg) to  (2).You can place your artwork on a FTP page and we can download it.  (3) You can upload via our ftp upload on the order site (4)  You can send larger files to us by using a free website for large files.  In the box, simply enter our address: when you go to (5).You can mail your artwork to us: Island Image, 1122 Whitehead Street, Key West, FL 33040, USA. If you are mailing your art to us, we accept art work on CD's, Compact Flash disks and SD Card.  However, please be aware that if you mail your artwork, it will extend your delivery time considerably. Also, we do not return disks or cards.   Again, we recommend using our web store for your order and then, you can cross-reference the  order number on your email, upload, disk or CF/SD cards with your artwork.  

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My artwork needs some "touch-up." Is there a charge for that?

Yes, there will be an artwork charge. The charge is determined by the level of "touch-up" that your design will require. We charge $100 per hour for artwork with a one hour minimum and if it is with a t-shirt order.  (Artwork without a t-shirt order is an additional $100 per hour more). We will estimate the amount of time for the artwork and it will be included in the order you sign.  Please be aware that the artwork charge on the form is only an estimate and could be more.   If your logo or artwork is low resolution and must be redrawn, we can offer this service. Ask us for an estimate.  Price will depend upon the complexity of the design. 

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I don’t have a design. Is there a charge to make a design for me?

It depends. We offer many cost effective services for art services, including text only designs, and custom designs from our Limited Edition Tee line.  If we use one of our custom designs as a basis, there may be no artwork charge or if there is a charge, it would be minimal.   If you want us to create a custom design for you based on your ideas or sketches,
we can do your graphic as well, at a rate of $100 per hour with a one hour minimum, IF IT ACCOMPANIES A PRINT ORDER. The price is the same for graphic art services to adjust your artwork, if your artwork is not in the correct format   Artwork alone is $200 per hour.  There are no exceptions to this policy.  Please note that lettering and wording still requires 'artwork' for it to become a printable file, thus it is considered artwork for billing purposes.  If you wish to have wording added to your existing file, you may wish to add it yourself, or to have someone add it to the file for you, to avoid artwork charges from Island Image.

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I have several designs, do they all add up as 1 order?

With our Print On Demand service, you may have as many designs as you wish in one order without setup, film, screen or color separation charges (whereas custom screen printing department orders require a minimum number of pieces and setup charge for each design.)  

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Do you offer 2X, 3X, 4X, etc. size shirts?

Yes.We offer up to 6X on some of the garments that we offer. However, not all colors are available in these size shirts. Our web store is up to date on sizes offered for each item.  You may also call or e-mail for availability and pricing.

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Can I mix the shirt sizes in my order?

Yes. You can mix the sizes any way that you need to complete your order. For our Print On Demand service, we generally will print the file size you submit, unless you request otherwise.

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Can I mix the shirt types in my order (t-shirts,tanks, golf shirts)?

Yes.  The price that you would pay for each garment is determined by the style of the garment and the amount of ink used. This is information we can easily give you once we see your artwork.  

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color garments may I print on?

We offer a variety of shirts and garment styles that are printable by our Print On Demand department. Some of the most popular are noted here on our site, but there are many more options.  You can always browse  our on line blanks catalog here and then call us for pricing. Please feel free to call us any time about your ideas and any specific garment you'd like to print on.   It's important to note that this technology lends itself best to light colored shirts.  Even medium color shirts will print well, depending on your design.  As an artist or designer, the important thing for you to remember is this:  This technology does not have the ability to print white ink, therefore, anything in your design that is white will allow the actual color of the shirt to show through.  Any color that depends on white will instead, allow the actual color of the shirt to show through to some degreeIt is always a good idea as well, to up the color intensity on your design if it's going on a stronger colored shirt.  The color of the shirt will mix somewhat with the design, so please feel free to ask us questions as you're designing your artwork.  We're happy to help!  Please be aware that a shirt designed on one color (white for instance) may look slightly different on other colors (such as yellow or light blue or pink).    

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Can I have different ink colors on different color shirts?

Just give us a different artwork file for different colored shirts, if you have made any changes on the colors for each shirt. 

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If I reorder, do you keep my artwork ?

We keep your artwork on file for a period of not more than 6 months from the last print date.

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Are your T-Shirts screen printed
, direct-printed  or are they iron-on transfers?

We are not doing iron-on transfers.  We offer Print on Demand (or direct garment printing whereas we print directly on the garment with water-based inks.) We also offer classic screen printing services and embroidery.

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Will the printing fade on my shirts after a few washings?

No.The printed image direct-printed t-shirts and garments is very durable and will hold up for a long time as they are directly printed onto the garment using a process that essentially dyes the fabric fibers.   The 'hand' of the ink is very soft and we recommend washing all color tees with a vinegar rinse to help set colors and keep fabrics vibrant for a longer period of time.  As with all garments, whether they are printed or not, as a garment is worn and washed, minuscule amounts of fiber are lost (result:  the ball of lint in your dryer!)   As this happens, obviously the color of any and all garments might fade a bit in time, as well as anything that was dyed onto the garment. 

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My design has PMS colors, can you match them?

We can match PMS colors very closely but since this is a digital process, we don't guarantee a perfect match.   If you have concerns about the differences in calibration of your monitor and ours, please be sure to order a garment proof for your order, so that you can feel comfortable that the colors match your expectations. Please note though,there is always the possibility of some variance in color from what your monitor might show and what our print process might produce,without a hard-copy print to work with.  

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With Print on Demand, what is the largest size that can be
direct-printed on a T-Shirt?

The maximum image size that we offer is 14"x 16"

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I already have shirts. Will you print on them?

No. We prefer to work on quality items that we have experience with.  We cannot guarantee the results on shirts that we are not familiar with, thus we do not print on garments that we do not  provide.
 Another issue to consider is that from time to time, there are mistakes on a print run and if we were to have that occur with one of your shirts, we would not be able to replace it and you'd not be reimbursed for it.

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Do you have a catalog?

We once offered a sizable Island Image catalog of printable items but have discontinued because of the bulk.  We can always direct you online to a site where you can look at particular garments for specs, etc.  Since each printing job is different, it's difficult to have exact pricing in a catalog or on-line format.  We do, however, have a  number of our more popular items available on line in our web store.  Information and pricing of our available products can be obtained by emailing us or by phoning us.   If you would like more information on any of our products, please email or call us 305.295.8061.  You may request a catalog of base products from us, but they are not always available and there may be a shipping charge.  

You may view the on-line version here.

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Where is Island Image located?

We are located in the beautiful Florida Keys.

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Do you have other offices in the country?

No, our only office and printing facility is located in Key West, FL. We ship nationwide from this location. We also ship to international clients, but only via their chosen freight forwarder.

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Do the prices of Direct-Print or Print on Demand garments become lower when I buy larger quantities?

Yes and no.   Because we do not have minimums for Print On Demand items, the pricing does not go down until you find you have the need for a considerably larger quantity  Our cost for supplies and our labor process cost on this process does not go down with volume.  Please feel free to call us anytime and we can discuss the details.

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Can I get less than the minimum order?

Print on Demand does not have a required minimum order so indeed, yes, you can order whatever you wish - one piece or 2000 pieces!  

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Do you sell "blank" or "unprinted" items?

No. Our agreements with our distributors prohibit it.

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Do you sell screen printing or direct printing equipment or supplies?


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Reiteration of artwork policy:

We are of course, a shirt company and we can print your artwork on garments as long as it meets the specifications for an excellent outcome. 

If you do not have your own artwork, we can produce for you but there are limitations and policies you should be aware of.

First, we need to talk so we understand what STYLE of artwork you want to end up with.

Then, you provide an image for us to work from.  This can be a mfct tech drawing or a photo.  You should provide it to us in as large a format as possible with the highest resolution possible.  Without high resolution,there is room for error and loss of detail.  Remember, the artwork will ONLY be as good as the file you provide us with.  A less-than ideal photo or file will end up costing you more in artwork time. We will give you a quote/ estimate as to what we think the artwork will cost, based on how YOU define it.  Do you want a lot of detail? Do you want to simplify for more impact?The estimate is just that - an estimate. The cost for artwork is not set in cement,so to speak, since there are many variables.   As the job begins to approach the estimate in hours, we will let you know where we are.  If you have other changes, or wish to add things that were not in the photo you provide, then the cost will go up.  

We are redrawing from what YOU provide us. We cannot 'create' elements that are not there to draw from.


If you provide photo, it should be from water level, at 90 degrees from the center of the side of the boat - either port or starboard - whichever you prefer the final artwork to feature.  Be sure to minimize background clutter if possible (trees, buildings, docks, etc) because clutter means it will take more time in the artwork because of lack of clarity and revisions.

Be sure the photo has as much detail as possible and that the detail is as clear as possible, if you are wanting that detail in the finished artwork.

Also,please remember that this is a REDRAW from what you provide.  We are notmarine architects and are not able to 'create' elements in the artwork that aren't there, are covered or are not visible in the photo you provide.

We can remove  clutter - such as people and 'stuff' in your photo, but adding to is more expensive and very time consuming because we have no guidelines for the addition.  

Note: Remember - these are shirts and are not hanging wall art.  We do some beautiful designs, but a shirt is on a moving person so too much unnecessary detail will give you a cluttered look and take away from the overall affect of the artwork on the shirt.  Example:  Most people don't CARE that the eisenglass is there or not - or that the seats are squared or rounded. But again, we are working from YOUR PHOTO.  We are not creating from a verbal description.  To create any part from a verbal description would double or even triple your artwork charges because there is so much room for error. I can't emphasize enough how important it is that the base photo beclear and concise and that clutter and confusion in the photo be avoided.


Artwork is produced based on the garment(s) we will be printing on.  Artwork is$100 per hour (based on one hour minimum and billed in one hour increments) as long as it is part of a shirt order.  However, if you want artwork alone(which we rarely do), the price is $200 per hour, billed as above.   

We will give you an estimate once we see what we're working from, and know what we'll be printing on.  This is only an estimate, but you should know this price includes two proofs. Additional proofs will add to the price, so it's good to look it over carefully at first, be sure we get all of your changes in as few proofs as possible.

Please know again, we are not working from your mind's image.  We are working from WHAT YOU PROVIDE, so it is important that you give you the base file that shows us what you're expecting.  We can, of course, add water, sometimes an American flag (as long as placement is determinable), other small details that you don't have to provide.

Depending upon the complexity of the artwork, we may have you sign an agreement stating that you understand the these artwork terms and conditions and agree to them. 

IMPORTANT:  Using photos on shirts.  We are able to print photos on shirts. If you ask us to print a photo, we will and if it is given to us in perfect size/format/resolution and is ready to print exactly as we receive it, there is no artwork charge. Occasionally the result is good if it has a proper 'treatment' around it i.e. wording, borders, etc.  Adding a treatment puts it into the artwork queue. Cropping, adding wording, frames etc. IS artwork. If it goes into the artwork queue, there is an artwork charge.  We recommend if you are placing an order with us printing a photo, that you consider requesting a 'shirt proof'.  We print on a shirt and send to you for approval before proceeding with the rest of the order. 


We send proofs to you digitally via email.  Please be sure your email client is configured to accept images and allow you to print embedded in your email.  When there are changes to be made, be sure to print out the proof we send, mark it up clearly either manually or digitally (in a different color ink if possible), scan and return to us.  Since this is artwork and it isa visual medium, we cannot accept changes verbally.

Print methods / minimums:

We have two methods of print: Digital and Screen Print. 


99%of our customers want digital because of the excellent detail and the lack of  setup costs and high minimums.  Limitation: Should be on white or very light shirt, again depending on the design.  We can guide you on what to expect. While we have no minimums, you'll get the best price at 13 pieces. Digital process allows us to make print sizing adjustments on the fly, so to speak, based on garment size. It also allows us to make adjustments to various prints, such as adding 'captain' or 'mate' to the front left. This flexibility is NOT available on screen print without new screens/ minimums/ setups.

If you want a strong color, bright or dark shirt, now you're in screen printing world.  This means there will be film, screen and press setup charges in addition to the cost of producing the garment.  These charges are based on how the artwork (front and back) separates into colors.  Because of the extensive setup and pre-press work, the minimums are fairly high compared to our usual 13 piece minimums for digital.  For instance, in general, the minimums start around 72 pieces for simple artwork and 144 pieces for more complicated. The size of the print will be the same on all size shirts unless you have chosen to have numerous sets of screens and numerous minimums.


We print on a large variety of garments - cotton tees, performance tees, ladies tees, polos, tanks, rash guards, etc.  Not all fabrics lend themselves to the heat process necessary to cure inks, so it's important we discuss this when placing the order.


We work with a number of artists, and like us, they plan their time well so that we and they are able to produce the final artwork on a timely basis.  Time is the enemy of detail when it comes to making changes and achieving the final result.  So it is important that you respond to proof requests immediately.  If a project begins to take too long (more than a few weeks), then it ends up being back-burnered by the other artists, as more timely projects are slipped in front of your art in the artwork queue. 

On re-orders we generally plan a 14 business day production schedule from the time the order is placed.  we can produce faster but it costs you a bit more in expedite fees. When new artwork is involved, it will generally be somewhat longer, depending on the time spent in the proofing process.


All orders are custom, designed just for you.  We order shirts once the orde ris placed, and at that time we begin working on the custom artwork, thus we do require payment in advance.  This payment includes the estimated artwork charge, but if there are more than the two proofs, and charges increase, there will be additional charges on your card.  Depending upon the complexity of the artwork, we may have you sign an agreement stating that you understand the these artwork terms and conditions and agree to them.   We accept Visa, MC and Discover.